About Us

Hello, I’m Michelle.

By day I can be found suited and booted and working in financial services (much more fun than it sounds). By night I live in wellies and pet all the dogs I can find. I’ve lived in Devon for nearly 25 years – yeesh – and spent approximately 24 and a half of those getting sand in all the worst places. I’m super excited to show you my favourite bits – of Devon, not the sandy variety!

If you’re feeling nosy, I also blog over here Life Outside London.

Hello, I’m Vicky (you can call me Vix)

By day I can be found sometimes suited (and sometimes cowboy booted) working for a road safety charity. By night I can often be found with my ‘other family’ the Torbay Street Pastors, helping anyone who might need a friendly ear (or some flip flops). I’m also a keen ComicCon fan and have an extensive wardrobe of superhero related costumery. I’m a born and bred Devon maid and suffer with genuine anxiety if I stray too far outside our fair borders.

Together we make like one whole person, come join us!